Autographed Drawing by Tsubasu Izumi Fetched JPY2,811,000 (US$34,199)

on auction for earthquake charity project Stand Up! Japan

The autographed drawing by Tsubasu Izumi (adult game Mashiroiro Symphony, Akaneiro ni Somaru Saka) fetched JPY2,811,000 (approximately US$34,199) on Yahoo! Japan Auction yesterday. The auction was a part of Stand Up! Japan charity project for the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake disaster led by Takanori Nishikawa (T.M. Revolution). 

That was the highest price in the auction.




The prices for the artists' drawings (JPY81.73=US$1):

Itaru Hinoue (KANNON, AIR, CLANNAD) ... JPY1,523,000 (US$18,634)


Na-Ga (Angel Beats!) ... JPY1,336,000 (US$16,346)


Noiji Ito (Haruhi Suzumiya) ... JPY1,021,000 (US$12,492)


Aoi Nishimata (SHUFFLE!) ... JPY 1,002,000 (US$12,259)




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