"Pluto-kun" T Shirt Now on Sale

Infamous Nuclear Power Promotional Character

No,not the Naoki Urasawa's one.


Pluto-kun first appeared in a promotional anime video produced by The Power Reactor and Nuclear Fuel Development Corporation (PNC) in 1993. The video "The plutonium story: Reliable companion Pluto-kun" was created to promote the safety of nuclear power plant and plutonium. It was criticized harshly because of its infantile optimism at the time.


After the Tohoku earthquake and the accident of Fukushima nuclear power plant in March, someone posted the video on YouTube again. Finding the attention to the video, a parody clothing online shop smalldesign has produced a "Pluto-kun" T-shirt. The retail price is JPY3,400 (approximately US$41).


All the money from the sale of the shirt will NOT go to any charity.



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