Yakiniku Restaurant Opens in Ueno for Tables of One

By yourself? Eat up! Party of two? Sorry, no room.

If you are in Tokyo and you feel the like going out for some yakiniku, but none of your friends want to go, or maybe you just have nobody to go with, there is now a place for you.  An Ueno based company has opened a specialty yakiniku restaurant called "Hitori" (Single person).


For those who are unfamiliar, at restaurants that serve yakiniku, also known as Korean BBQ or Japanese BBQ or Grilled meat, everything is typically designed for serving groups.  There are large tables with a burner in the center and the portions and prices are made to be split among groups.  While one can go alone, it really is a suboptimal experience. 

Hitori Restaurant

Hitori, pictured above, seats 25 people, all at tables for one, like in the picture below.  The seats are all partitioned off from each other "so you can enjoy the yakiniku without worrying about the other customers" and it is possible to order as little as one piece. While the restaurant is currently only in the pre-open stage, the audience is quoted as being not just young men but also women and the elderly.


The restaurant manager and a seat for one ©Minna no Keizai Shinbun

According to the general manager of the company that owns the restaurant, they opened the restaurant after hearing the calls on the internet and the like for a place where people could eat yakiniku when by themselves.  For those thinking "Why is it in Ueno and not in a place that draws a large single crowd?" he says they picked Ueno because there is already a culture of yakiniku there.  Ueno is a short two station stops north on the Yamanote train line or can be walked to from the otaku holy ground Akihabara.


Source: Minna no Keizai Shinbun via Yaraon!

Images from tomozo-kokoronohaiku via News 2channel and Minna no Keizai Shinbun.

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