Astarotte's Toy DVD/Blu-ray TV CM Streamed

Different for each episodes

The new promotional TV Commercials for the Astarotte's Toy DVD and Blu-ray release have been posted on YouTube. The CMs are different for each episodes. So far the 3 CMs have been on-aired with the anime. The series plans to produce 12 episodes, therefore there will be 9 more CMs coming (in theory).


Astarotte's Toy is a Japanese TV anime series based on Yui Haga' manga Lotte no Omocha!  The anime began its broadcast run on April 10, 2011 and also has simulcasted by Crunchyroll.


The CM for the 1st episode


The CM for the 2nd episode


The CM for the 3rd episode



Source: Astarotte's Toy official blog

©Yui Haga/ Ascii Mediaworks / Astarotte's Toy Production Committee

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