Perfume Blasts Preview of New Song "Laser Beam"

Pop trio releases full audio of their latest track

It may not be in music video form (yet), but you can now hear the full audio of mega pop trio Perfume's upcoming single, "Laser Beam." Hit the jump to get an concentrated laser blast of bubbly, auto-tuned pop vocals.


EDIT: The embedded video has been removed. Fans will have to wait for the PV or the single release, which is dated below.


This aural triforce attack comes hot off the heels of the short version released yesterday.


For my money the only real issue is a distinct lack of "pew pew" laser beam sound effects. Still, this should "do it" for fans of Perfume's style. "Laser Beam" is scheduled to be released in single form on May 18. 


Source [Tokyohive] 

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