Sunday Shorts: Disappointment Edition

Because the News Doesn't Always Wear Long Pants

Welcome to Sunday Shorts for the first of May.  These are random tidbits which do not yet warrant more than a sentence or two.


SuperGT Fuji #2 GT300 class results: Hatsune Miku BMW: 5th, Haruhi Porsche: 10th, Ika Musume Ferrari: 11th, Eva Unit 01 Shiden: DNF.


According to an article on the Otaku Ohana blog, Sentai Filmworks announced the license to the CLAMP title, Kobato at Kawaii-kon in Hawaii.  A full article will follow when the PR appears. (via Anime Forums)


The Kore wa Zombie desu ka? website has updated to announce a super important announcement on June 10th. (via Yaraon!)


@Akibablog has a picture of a human Kyubei promoting Madoka Magica at the Gamers main store in Akihabara.


The Niconico info blog has announced two new vocaloid albums to go on sale June 22nd at 2500 yen each: VOCALOID BEST from Niconico Douga (Blue) and VOCALOID BEST from Niconico Douga (Red). (via Temple Knights)


Shorts image from CDjapan ©kakifly, Houbunsha

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