Hideki Kamiya Provides Commentary to Bayonetta

Director offers insight into his own game

Platinum Games' Hideki Kamiya (Devil May Cry, Bayonetta) is a Man of Action, and as such he's seen fit to knock would-be commentators off their do-it-yourself YouTube horse with a Bayonetta commentary of his very own. Yes, now we can all get the real lowdown on what's going on in Kamiya's wall-to-wall ridiculous action game.


Hideki Kamiya has been playing through Bayonetta—which Sega brought to North American Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 owners in January 2010—in its entirety, delivering insight into the inspiration, creation, and intent behind his creation. The Platinum Games website originally uploaded the first subtitled part of Kamiya's commentary last April, and are now posting the full thing subbed in parts, shared twice a week.


Here's the first part. Hit the above link if you want to continue watching, and keep your eyes on their blog for future commentary chapters!



Source [Siliconera via Joystiq]



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