People Are Buying Subarus After Watching Houkago no Pleiades?

Alternative title: Can Anime Sell Anything? Subaru Edition

Today we find out if Subaru can sell cars with anime.  The answer is obviously yes, but how many?


On February 21st, 4 people had come forward on a bbs claiming to have bought Subarus after watching the Gainax X Subaru web anime, Houkago no Pleiades.  All 4 had provided photos of their orders forms for their new cars from Subaru dealerships including the model info and pricing with total costs ranging between 1,210,000 yen (~$15,000 USD) and 2,970,680 yen (~$35,000 USD).  Two people had bought Stella Wagons, one bought an Impreza 1.5i-S, and one bought a Forester netting Subaru at least 7 million yen (~$85,000 USD) in total.  The other three people joined the thread after seeing posts on blogs about the first buyer a couple days ago.


As of March 28th, 9 people have reported to the same thread with evidence. The most expensive is now 4,711,476 yen (~$57,000 USD) and the total is now almost 22 million yen (~$250,000 USD).  The 5 new people bought a Forester, three of the Impreza WRX STI A-Line, and one more Impreza 1.5i-S. The following image by a 2ch user gives a summary of all of the cars:




Houkago no Pleiades (aka Wish Upon the Pleiades) is available with English subtitles on youtube.


Original article via Yaraon! and current updated version via Yaraon!

Image ©Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. / Gainax / SxG Anime Project Execution Committee

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