Aoi Hana Original Illustrations Exhibition

One of the most popular Yuri manga by Takako Shimura

The Manga Erotics editorial department official blog has announced an Aoi Hana manga exhibition of original illustrations by Takako Shimura in Tokyo and Chiba.  The exhibition will be held in order to commemorate the publication of the 6th volume manga on May 12.


Aoi Hana (Blue Flowers) is drawn by Shimura Takako (Wandering Son).  Manga Erotics F magazine has serialized it since November 2004. The story is mainly about Fumi Manjome who is a lesbian high school girl and her close childhood friend Akira Okudaira who is not a lesbian (at least in the beginning of the story).  It's one of the most successful Yuri manga in Japan in the 2000's.


In July 2009, an 11-episodes TV anime series was produced.  It was selected as a recommended

work by the awards jury of the 13th Japan Media Arts Festival.  In the US, the anime was available

on Crunchyroll. You can check  a review by a Yuri expert Erica Friedman, the president of Yuricon

and ALC Publishing.


The exhibition will be held at:


May 5 ~ 29

SANSEIDO Culture Station Chiba branch

May 13 ~ June 26


If you love the series for the art, this is the place to be.



© Takako Shimura / OHTA PUBLISHING CO.

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