Cosplay at Real Japanese Castle

No Chanbara (sword fighting) is allowed

Hiroshima Cosquerade Committee will hold a cosplay event, Cosquerade Rijo, at the real historical site of Hiroshima Castle Ninomaru in Hiroshima on May 8. Rental Kacchu (Japanese traditional armor) is available, so you can cosplay as Japanese Samurai!


Cosquerade is an event to popularize Hiroshima through Japanese pop culture such as anime, manga, and cosplay. The first event was held in October 2010, and this May event will be the third. Reflecting the recent popularity of Japanese historical games and anime, Hiroshima Castle is selected as the location for the third event. Part of the revenue will be donated to the disaster area of the East Japan earthquake through the municipality of Hiroshima.


Rental costumes are available for men, women and kids. The types of Kacchu are:


“Kuro Shogun” Black General


“Aka Shogun” Red General


“Kashin” Soldier





Source: Hiroshima Keizai Shimbun

© Hiroshima Cosquerade Committee

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