Boys-Love Manga Selfish Love Added to Kindle

Two-volume series joins three other manga titles

Do you own a Kindle e-reader? Do you like boys-love manga? Well then, this news is for you, my friend. Thanks toANIMATE USA, Naduki Koujima's Selfish Love is being released for Amazon's e-reader via their Kindle store. The two volumes that comprise the series aren't hitting the store alone, either. Joining Selfish Love are P.B.B. Play Boy Blues vol. 6, Sound of My Voice -Boku no Koe- vol. 10 and Hyper Loving a Maniac vol. 5.


Biblos published Selfish Love in Japan in 2003. It was then licensed and released in North America through Central Park Media's Be Beautiful line the following year. Hopefully these titles won't meet the same fate as some recent yaoi manga, which were banned from the Kindle store due to prohibited content.


Source [ANN]

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