Trailer Posted for English Dub of Supernatural Anime

Series based on CW show to be released on July 26

Fans of Supernatural already have a pretty good idea of how this will sound, considering that actors Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles are reprising their  television roles for the animated version. Nevertheless, peep the video after the jump—originally posted over at TV Guide—for an early look at Supernatural in English dubbed form.


Produced by Madhouse, Supernatural follows brothers Sam and Dean Winchester as they search for their missing father, tangling with all manners of ghastly creatures along the way. While it's true that Jensen Ackles plays Dean in the animated version, he'll only be doing so for a couple of the season's 22 episodes (the final two, specifically). Andrew Farrar subs in for the remainder. 


The animated offshoot of the CW drama covers the original show's first two seasons. Watch the dubbed preview below, and jam to some Kansas while you're at it:



Supernatural lands on Blu-ray and DVD (as well as On Demand and various download services) on July 26.


Via Anime News



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