Fan Creativity: Madoka Magica's Mami and Charlotte, Kyubei and more

A couple envelopes, balloons and more (Spoilers within!)

For a change of pace, let's look at some fan creations. All of these are uploaded by 2ch posters and are from the series Puella Magi Madoka Magica. All but one thing in this story is created or documented by fans.


Images featuring Mami without a head are very popular in many forms. In the picture to the right, someone either had a sense of humor when applying that sticker or it was pure coincidence. Other stores have been doing equally odd things such as labeling the show kids (below).


This may have already appeared on the twitter, but here is balloon art of Kyubei and Charlotte.


One fan prepares to mail back his disc and booklet back to exchange them for fixed copies.  However, he decides to add something extra to the envelope.  Aniplex has announced an exchange program for volume 1 of the DVD and Blu-ray. One only needs to send back the BD/DVD and the booklet.



Meanwhile, another fan lies and claims he already got his fixed copies from the exchange back and claims they came in this envelope.  There is a decent amount of speculation over what the return envelope will look like.


On the left side below is the official Mami Zippo Lighter that is being released as merchandise. One fan instantly realized that something was "wrong" and "corrected" it.  The fan's version is on the right.



And lastly, there is a Mami and Charlotte cosplay photo on Community Buzz and an additional gif at the "Cosplay" link below. 


via Yaraon! (Balloons, Cosplay) / Lighter via Syu's Quiz Blog

Images copyright respective owners.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica ©Magical Quartet, Aniplex, Madoka Partners, MBS.

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