Adult Bishoujo Game Brands CLOVER, ROOT, ALMA Suspend Development

Cite circumstances resulting from Tohoku earthquake

ARIADESIGN K.K., the company name for ORBIT, has posted an announcement on the ORBIT and ALMA websites stating that the three brands under the ORBIT "brand": CLOVER, ROOT, and ALMA, have indefinitely suspended development of future games. The company cites difficulties due to various main staff members taking leave to deal with various circumstances resulting from the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, as well as the connection between those brands and those staff members in making the decision. They will continue to distribute and provide support for their existing titles. They re-emphasize that they are not closing down and this is only a suspension. They thank fans for their continued support and hope they can wait for the resumption. All brands under ORBIT are located in Ibaraki Prefecture.


According to a separate announcement, ALMA is scheduled to release the game Kimi to Boku to Eden no Ringo on June 10th after a 2 week delay.


While these brand names are probably not familiar to most people, ROOT is the developer behind the adult games Touka Gettan and Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito (aka YamiBou), both of which have had TV anime adaptations. ROOT is also the developer behind Moonlight Lady (aka Kao no Nai Tsuki) which had a hentai OVA that was licensed and released by Media Blasters.



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