VIDEO: Sakaagari Hurricane PSP OP

By the one of the singers of Lucky Star OP

Alchemist has posted the newly created opening movie for their latest love adventure PSP game "Sakaagari Hurricane Portable" on YouTube. The game was originally developed by Giga as 18+ visual novel game in November 2008. The all-ages version by Alchemist on PlayStation Portable with the adult content removed is schedule to be released in July 28,2011.


The new OP song for the PSP, "Koi no Rock'n Roll Beat" (Rock'n Roll Beat of Love) is sung by Emiri Kato, who plays the voice of a PSP original character Rin Kira. Emiri Kato is especially know for her roll of Kagami Hiiragi in the Lucky Star anime and its OP song "Motteke! Sērāfuku" with Aya Hirano, Kaori Fukuhara, and Aya Endo in 2007.


Yes, it may look an another "Girls love Rock'n Roll" kind of video.  But it's fun and cute anyway.


[Sakaagari Hurricane Portable official site]



Source: Toretate! Hobby Cannel


© Giga/Alchemist


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