LIVE: "azusa" (Astarotte's Toy, Moshidora) on USTREAM Today

With voice actress Yoko Hikasa (K-ON!'s Mio Akiyama)

"azusa", a singer of the OP songs for Amagami SS, the OP song for Moshidora, and the ED song for Astarotte's Toy, will hold an in-store event at the seventh floor of Tower Records' Shinjuku store in Tokyo today.  The event will be broadcasted on USTREAM on 9:30 pm, MAY 18(JST), 5:30 am, May 18(PDT). Voice actress Yoko Hikasa, who played Minami Kawashima in Moshidora, will also appear as a guest MC in the event.


"azusa" has scheduled to sing all of her single anime songs in the event. She has released:


1st single "i Love" (Amagami SS 1st OP)  July 21, 2010


2st single "Kimi no Mama-de" (Amagami SS 2nd OP)  October 20, 2010


3rd single "Yume Note" (Moshidora OP)  April 27, 2011


4th single "Manatsu no Photograph" (Astarotte's Toy ED)  May 18, 2011


["azusa"'s official website]


"Yume Note" official video



Webcam chat at Ustream


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