Documentary: The Echo of Astro Boy's Footsteps

About the legendary anime sound effects man Matsuo Ohno

Euro Space, an art-house cinema in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, will start screening The Echo of Astro Boy's Footsteps, a documentary film about legendary anime sound effects man Matsuo Ohno on May 21.  The documentary was world-premiered at the 12th Jeonju International Film Festival on April 28-May 6, 2011.



Review excerpt from the 2011 Jeonju International Film Festival Website


In order to understand this documentary with the title meaning ‘The Echo of Astro Boy's Footsteps,’ one must first know about Ohno Matsuo who was in charge of the sound effects in the all-too-familiar TV animation Astro Boy. Ohno Matsuo was born in 1930. His first work involved theater sound effects, then he worked for Toei Studio and NHK Broadcasting, showing promising talent. Ohno Matsuo was one of the first to show interest in Stockhausen‘s electronic sound. He raised an uproar in the Japanese sound effect community, only intent on creating primitive sound effects like wind at the time, when he announced that "I am not interested in creating sounds that already exist" and started introducing electronic sounds. In particular, the sound effects that he created for the TV series animation Astro Boy launched in 1963, gained attention with its footsteps and flying sound effects. He successfully described the characters' personalities with his sound effects. However, he refused to be tied down to one place and was vocally opposed to the reality where sound effects staff were placed in the lowest rung of the staff hierarchy. Ohno Matsuo wanted to be called a "sound designer" and became angry when he did not get his demands met.



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