Jazz arranged anime & game music from ToHeart, Tales of Destiny, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time and more

F.I.X. RECORDS will release a new SACD (Super Audio CD) album, Pure2 -Ultimate Cool Japan Jazz-, on May 25.  The album consists of 11 jazz-arranged tunes mainly from AQUAPLUS' popular anime and game titles.


The 1st album Pure~AQUAPLUS LEGEND OF ACOUSTICS~ was released in November 2007 and featured acoustic-arranged anime and game songs.  More than 10,000 copies have been shipped in Japan so far.  The number is a huge success for a SACD title.


The cover illustrations of the both Pure albums were drawn by Hisashi Kawata (ToHeart series, WHITE ALBUM). All 11 tunes of Pure2 -Ultimate Cool Japan Jazz- are available for trial listening on the official website. For the people who live outside of Japan, you can pre-order the album at CD-Japan online store.


Pure2 -Ultimate Cool Japan Jazz- track list:


1. "Kimigatame"    Vo:Suara

      from PS2 game "Utawarerumono"  ED"Yumeji"

2. "Kimi o Nosete"   Instrumental

      from PS2 game "Routes PE"  theme song

3. "Seiso Yakyoku"  Vo:Suara

      from Suara's single "Musouka"

4. "Brand-New Heart"  Instrumental

      from  PC game "ToHeart"  OP

5. "Todokanai Koi"   Instrumental

      from  PC game "WHITE ALBUM2-introductory chapter-"  OP

6. "Tomoshibi"    Vo:Suara

      from TV anime "ToHeart2" ED  "Hello"

7. "Yumede Aruyouni"   Vo:Suara

      from PS game "Tales of Destiny"  theme song

8. "Kimi no Mamade"   In strumental

      from TV anime "Comic Party"  OP

9. "Tears to Tiara-Gaiaka"   Vo:Suara

       from PS3 game "Tears to Tiara: Earth's Wreath"  featured song

10. "Tabidatsu Hitohe"    Vo:Suara

       from Suara's album "Yumeji"

11. "Garnet"   Instrumental

       from "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time"  ED


Pure2 -Ultimate Cool Japan Jazz-               



Pure - Aquaplus Legend Of Acoustics-



Source: Phile Web



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