Microsoft Publishes "Cloud Girl" Manga to Promote Windows Azure Platform in Japan

First of four chapters available online now

Apparently not wanting to be outdone by Microsoft Taiwan's success with their Silverlight Mascot Hikari, Microsoft Japan has begun publishing a manga officially featuring unofficial Windows 7 OS-tan and DIY PC mascot Madobe Nanami and Windows Azure mascot Claudia Madobe. The "cloud technology explanation" manga is titled Cloud Girl: Mado to Kumo to Aoi Sora and is available in Japanese only.


MSDN クラウド 技術解説コミック新登場 クラウド ガール - 窓と雲と碧い空 -


The premise for chapter 1 is that Claudia goes to visit her cousin Nanami at the PC parts shop she works at. A twitter promotion has just overloaded the shop's website and Claudia of course has the solution with Windows Azure. According to Temple Knights, the manga is aimed at server admins and places that run their webservers locally.


Links: (All Japanese only) Official Site | Claudia's Twitter | Nanami's Twitter

via Temple Knights

Image ©Microsoft

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