Latest FanimeCon Guests: Yoshiki and Mamoru Yokota

Rock icon and illustrator added to California con's lineup

FanimeCon, which takes place at the San Jose Convention Center from May 27-30, already has a pretty impressive Guests of Honor lineup. Well, they recently announced two more additions: Japanese rock icon Yoshiki, and illustrator Mamoru Yokota.


Yoshiki, co-founder of X Japan, will be holding a panel and autograph session on Saturday, May 28. According to the press release, Yoshiki will only be at the convention for a few hours on Saturday, so be sure to keep your eyes on for the latest details about his appearance. 


Joining Yoshiki in the Guests of Honor category is illustrator Mamoru Yokota. Yokota has worked as character designer, producer, and animation director on a variety of series. Some of his work includes Death Note, Air, Kanon, Magical Canan and Louie the Rune Soldier. Yokota's appearance at FanimeCon follows a successful previous year that included a popular late-night 18+ art panel.


Image: FanimeCon

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