XBLA Guardian Heroes Includes Original Version

Graphical facelift of Treasure's classic entirely optional

Though we suspected (read: hoped) this would be the case, it's been confirmed that the Xbox Live Arcade release of developer Treasure's classic side-scroller Guardian Heroes will indeed include the original Sega Saturn version of the game.


I originally expressed concern over the graphical facelift shown when the title was announced. However, as you'll see below, the action actually doesn't look too terrible in motion. Even if the HD upgrade isn't to everyone's liking, they can switch back to the original visuals and pretend it never happened. Making things better yet, some folks at Treasure were actually able to come on and work on the port themselves, a perfect solution to tangling with the notoriously finicky Saturn code.


In addition to the new look, the enhanced version will also feature two-player offline and online co-op, a 1-12 player battle mode, Time Attack and more. Guardian Heroes should be hitting Xbox Live Arcade by summer's end for 800 MS Points (US $10). 



Source [Destructoid]

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