Atlus Ends 12-Year Wait for Persona 2: Innocent Sin

Only Persona game not to reach North America now on its way

At this point you'd think Atlus had brought out everything related to the long-running Persona series, but fans know this isn't the case. Rejoice, then, because Atlus announced today that they'll be bringing Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 2: Innocent Sin to North American PSPs after 12 long years. 


Innocent Sin finds high school students in a world where rumors twist their reality. They must draw on their inner strengths, their Personas, to restore order. Persona 2 marks the point at which the series found its identity outside of the general SMT style, placing greater emphasis on character and story over simply surviving the winding dungeons. 


The remastered PSP version of Persona 2 takes advantage of the portable's power with higher resolution display, beefed-up audio and "increased horsepower." There isn't a precise release date yet, but it's currently slated to hit North America this Fall. Check out the opening movie below:



Persona 2 official website

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