Break Up Your Day With Some Norio Wakamoto

"I Wish I Were a Bird"

Looking up the distinctive voice actor for a reference snowballed a bit...


He does a lot of villains (Bison, Castlevania's Dracula, Sengoku Basara's Nobunaga, Cowboy Bebop's Vicious), characters who are overblown, oddly overblown (Ninja Nonsense's Onsokumaru) or just odd (Mechazawa, Chiyo's Dad).  Once you know what he sounds like, you'll spot his voice all the time.



And, he's dubbed a lot of English language works into Japanese.  He was the Ninja Turtles movie's Shredder, Prison Break's T-Bag, and, he was Star Wars' Lando Calrissian.


Over Call of Duty 4...


A recent, trademark performance in a trailer for the game Tera


Narrating the JCVD trailer


Reading children's story "A Mouse's Marriage"


Reading children's story "Click Clack Mountain"


And, the subject of attempted impersonations by voice actresses Kana Hanazawa, Ayana Taketatsu, and Saori Hayami

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