Sega Officially Announces Shinobi Game for 3DS

Nintendo's portable gets first Shinobi game in eight years

It's hard to believe it's been eight long years since we got a Shinobi game from Sega. The last release was 2003's Nightshade on Playstation 2, and that one starred a completely different (read: female) protagonist! It seems Sega is as keen on a revival as we are, though, since they just officially announced Shinobi for Nintendo 3DS.


One of the main differences between this and Shinobi on PS2 is the return to the series' roots as a side-scroller, despite the 3D paint job. The new game puts players in the fleet feet of Jiro Musashi, leader of the Oboro clan and father of former Shinobi protagonist Joe Musashi. As in past titles, players can combine slick ninja attacks, both melee and ranged, with ninjutsu powers.


Shinobi will also implement 3DS-specific features like StreetPass, as well as unlockable achievements and challenges. It's scheduled for a September 2011 release. Head to the official site for more info, and check out a few screens below.


shinobi 1


shinobi 2


shinobi 3

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