No More Anime to be Broadcast on SyFy Channel?

Online schedule shows a quiet end to anime on network

Bad news in general for the state of anime on cable, as Comcast's SyFy channel appears to be quietly closing the door on their anime programming lineup. The network has removed all references to its anime block and will no longer be airing Star Blazers, its newest acquisition, after June 9. 


June 9 actually looks like it's the stop date for all things anime, as there's no related programming listed after that date on SyFy's online schedule. In the past they've aired series ranging from Gundam 00 and Noein to Monster and Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann


Those looking for their fix on TV will instead have to turn to stations like Cartoon Network, Disney XD and The CW, who all still feature anime as part of their lineups. Anyone here watch anime on SyFy? 


Source [Anime News via Anime 3000]

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