VIDEO: Newest single from "Love Live! -School idol project"

Joint project of SUNRISE, Lantis, and Dengeki G's Magazine.

"Love Live! - School idol project" released a new video clip of BiBi, one of their idol units, on YouTube on May 29. The video clip includes BiBi's songs - "The Melancholy of Diamond Princess", "Love Novels" and "The Practice in a Rainy Day is...". "Love Live!" is a joint project of anime production company SUNRISE, recording company Lantis, and Dengeki G's Magazine. The project features nine Bishoujo girls who want to be famous as idol groups to save their closing school.


BiBi's members are:

Eli Ayase (Vo. Yoshino Nanjo)

Maki Nishikino (Vo. Pile)

Nico Yazawa  (Vo. Sora Tokui)


Their first single CD "The Melancholy of Diamond Princess" will be released on June 22, 2011.




Printemps, the other unti of "Love Live", has released their debut single "Love Marginal" on May 22, 2011.


Printemps' members are:

Honoka Kohsaka (vo. Emi Nitta)

Katori Minami (vo. Aya Uchida)

Hanayo Koizumi (vo. Yurika Kubo)



As the group of all members, "Love Live" released their debut single "Our Live, Life with You" on August 25, 2010.





© SUNRISE/Lantis/Dengeki G's Magazine

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