Otomedius Excellent Comes Stateside July 19

Special Edition includes 2-sided pillowcase

Think of Otomedius as a horizontal Konami shoot 'em up a la Gradius, but with lots of anime-style girls in place of laser-blasting spaceships. The latest in the series—following up Otomedius (2007) and Otomedius Gorgeous! (2008)—is Otomedius Excellent, and Konami's bringing it to North American Xbox 360s, along with some treats, on July 19. 


One of those treats just so happens to be a "2-sided pillowcase featuring the girls of Otomedius." That comes with the Special Edition ($49.99), which also includes an art book and a soundtrack. The regular, pillow-free edition of Otomedius Excellent will retail for $29.99.




More information is available via Konami's press release. If you're still curious as to how the game plays, check out the video below.




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