New Hatsune Miku Papercraft "Jito-Miku"

Tsuyu-Jpapnese rainy season theme

COSPA, a character goods and cosplay costumes company in Japan, will release the newest Hatsune Miku papercraft "Graphig 009 Jito-Miku" in mid-July and will be pre-released in late-June at some stores.The retail price is 630 yen (roughly US$7. 80).


This second Miku papercraft was designed by a illustrator Gozen Yoji (literally means 4:00 am in Japanese) on "Tsuyu" theme. "Tsuyu" is the long spell of rainy weather in early summer in Japan, usually from late-May to early-July. Also "Jito" is taken from a Japanese expression "Jito-Jito", which means very damp or humid.



The 1st Miku Papercraft by COSPA released in May 2011, "Graphig 001 Hatsune Miku Nasos ver."






Source: Akiba Souken


©Illustration:Gozen Yoji (C)Crypton Future Media,Inc.

©Crypton Future Media,Inc.

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