Fan made Doctor Who anime emerges online

British fan mixes Time Lord adventures with old-school anime visuals

The Doctor is in...Shinjuku! Daleks are in the JR subway! Cybermen invade Akihabara! YouTube user OtaKing77077, AKA Paul Johnson, has uploaded nearly 13 min. of his on-going pet project: an imaginary and very impresive Doctor Who adventure cast in mold of classic '80s anime! Taking visual cues from the likes of Bubblegum Crisis, Gunsmith Cats, and even a little Macross II, Johnson’s Doctor Who anime uses the likeness (and voice) of Third Doctor Jon Pertwee as the springboard for an original adventure that sees a detail-perfect Tokyo under siege by classic Who bad guys. While clips of Johnson’s homemade magnum opus have been emerging online since 2009, this marks the longest release of footage to date, and is designated as "Final" in the title. Could a full episode be far behind? Only TIME will tell! In the meantime, enjoy these two great tastes that go great together…


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