New Haruhi Announcement on July 7

Possibly a new novel...?

On June 5, the Haruhi-negai campaign page has announced, "Something will happen on the day of Tanabata (July 7)." The campaign had said they were going to have a big Haruhi-related announcement when there were 15,498 wishes made on the page, and have reached the number yesterday.  Considering the page is a part of Haruhiism, a special commemoration site of the recently published "The Surprise of Haruhi Suzumiya" novels, the announcement is likely to be a novel-related...? 


Tanabata is a very important day in the Haruhi story. Many Haruhi fans have expected and wished that the announcement is about the highly anticipated third TV anime series. However, KDS_PR, the Kadokawa Shoten's public relations account tweeted yesterday, "Haruhiism is the site of Sneaker Bunko's 'The Surprise' novels. Please understand that." So now many people have started assuming the announcement will be a novel-related campaign, event, or something.




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