Yuruyuri TV Anime Promotion Video Streamed

And writing 4,000 autographs in 6 hours special program planned

The official website of the up-coming Yuruyuri TV anime has posted a new promotion video. The TV anime is scheduled to be broadcasted on July 4 on TV Tokyo and subsequently on other TV stations in Japan.


Also, Yuruyuri TV, the Nico Nico Channel's special site for the anime, is planning to live-broadcast a six-hours program "We write 4,000 autographs!" on 2:00 pm, June 12 (JST), 10:00 pm, June 11 (PDT). The four voice actresses of the anime will write 1,000 autographs each on "Goraku-Bu character card", the special prize for the ED theme's CD in six hours. At least they will try.


Namori, the creator of the manga, had already written 10,000 autographs on the limited edition of the 4th volume of the manga, which was published in January 2011. The official twitter account of the

anime has tweeted that this 4,000 autographs event is a way of showing respect to the manga creator's passion.


The four actresses are:


Shiori Mikami   (Akari Akaza)

Yuka Otsubo  (Kyouko Toshinou)

Minami Tsuda  (Yui Funami)

Rumi Ohkubo  (Chinatsu Yoshikawa)


[Yuruyuri TV anime official site]


Yuruyuri TV anime promotion video


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© Namori / Ichijinsha / Namori Chu Gorakubu

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