Details Finalized for Transformers: The Japanese Collection – Headmasters DVD Collection

Follow Dark of the Moon With North American Premiere of Headmasters

Shout! Factory has announced that Transformers: The Japanese Collection – Headmasters will be released on DVD July 5, 2011.  The series will be presented in its original Japanese audio, with the 4 disc collection retail for $29.93. Bonus features include an art gallery.


"OPTIMUS PRIME lives again, the energy of the Matrix has been released and peace reigns on CYBERTRON . . . but all that is about to change with the startling arrival of the newest breed of TRANSFORMERS warriors — the Headmasters! "


1987's Transformers: The Headmasters was the first of a trillogy of Tranformers shows, also including 1988's Transformers: Chôjin Master Force, and 1989's Transformers: Victory, that were never broadcast in North America.  These series in which Takara took the franchise in a Japan-exclusive direction have been refferred to as the "Takara Transformers." 



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