An Early Look at Absurd Comedy Manga Turned Live Action Arakawa Under the Bridge

Hikaru Nakamura's Strange Mange Might be Even Stranger in Live Action

Hikaru Nakamura's (Saint Young Men) Arakawa Under the Bridge is the story of an insistently self reliant young man who is saved from drowning by a sweatsuit clad, self proclaimed Venusian named Nino.  She then introduces his to the other, odd residents of the Arakawa river bank, like a man dressed up as and claiming to be a kappa, a scarred veteran in a nun's habit, and a star masked self-proclaimed rock star.  It's weird in manga.  The two seasons of its Shaft (Maria Holic, Madoka Magica) produced anime adaptation are weird.  And, the life action TV drama adaptation, set to debut in July, looks very weird.

A live action movie is also due in Spring 2012.


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