Atlus Begs the Question… Catherine or Katherine?

Meet the women complicating Vincent's life. Who would you choose?

The Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 release of Atlus's strange puzzler Catherine is fast approaching, so Atlus just released another video that poses a question to the game's future players. Who would you choose, Catherine or Katherine? Watch the video and decide for yourself after the jump.



Excerpt from the press release:


The new video highlights the two opposing forces of the love triangle central to the game's unprecedented story.  Vincent, the protagonist, wants nothing more than for things to stay as they are: simple and manageable. Katherine, his girlfriend of five years, wants more--marriage, a family--the whole nine yards.  Catherine, someone Vincent meets just as the game begins, is, by design, the perfect destabilizing element.  She surprises Vincent with her shared philosophy on relationships while at the same time being irresistibly beautiful.  One represents the familiar; stable and dependable.  The other represents the thrill and danger of the unknown.  Do you know which you prefer?


Well, which one will it be, folks? Catherine hits PS3 and 360 on July 26.


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