Bandai Visual to Release Live Action Sailor Moon and Cutie Honey DVD Box Sets

The collectors dream of both Cutie and Pretty.

Bandai Visual will be releasing a complete box set of the live action TV series Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon on September 22nd for 31500 yen. The "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Super Special DVD-Box" will include all 49 episode of the live action TV show, the DVD only "Special Act" and "Act Zero, the Birth of Sailor V," and the 2004 Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Kirari Super Live. The many extras include the "'Sailor Moon' ni Oshiokyo" cast and staff interviews and round-tables, as well as special mini dramas and the "Usagi and Mamoru go around the shooting locations" special.



Bandai Visual will also be releasing a complete box set for the live action drama Cutie Honey THE LIVE on August 26th for 15750 yen. It will include all 25 aired episodes as well as one DVD only episode. The cover of the DVD box (above) features Mikie Hara who played Cutie Honey.


More pictures of the Cutie Honey box set, including the "rear" available at the link below.








Sailor Moon box set via Comic Natalie

Image ©武内直子/PNP・CBC・CAZBE・東映AG・dentsu・東映 2003

Cutey Honey box set via Comic Natalie

Image ©永井豪/ダイナミック企画・ハニー製作委員会

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