Shrine of the Morning Mist Cafe

With pilgrimage tour to the locations featured in the manga/anime

On June 26, "Shrine of the Mist Cafe" will be opened at Miyoshi-city, Hiroshima, where was used as the locations for the Hiroki Ugawa's popular manga "Shrine of the Morning Mist" and its anime adaptation. All the waitresses will be dressed as miko (female shaman) of the shrine in the series. Also they will provide a pilgrimage tour to the real locations featured in the manga/anime with the miko's guide.


"Shrine of the Morning Mist" is a Japanese manga created by Hiroki Ugawa. The manga was licensed in North America by TOKYOPOP (RIP) and the 26-episodes TV anime adaptation was licensed in North America by Media Blasters. The manga serialization in Shonen Gahosha's Young King Ours was ended in August 2007, but the artist has continued writing the manga series, and at least two more tankobons are scheduled to be published in near future. 


Six waitresses dressing as miko will be waiting for you at the cafe. And you can take a picture with the miko at a charge of 300 yen (US$3.72) for each. The pilgrimage tour also costs 500 yen (US$6.21). You can pre-order the seat at the cafe here.


[The official blog for the cafe]


Promotinal Poster 1


Promotional poster 2


The cover of the manga Vol.1


The cover of the US DVD Box




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