Saki "New TV Anime Project", Spin-Off Manga Announced

Manga previously announced collaboration between Saki author and Bamboo Blade illustrator

The band around volume 8 of the Saki manga reveals that the two announcements that were previously teased are:


As seen in the headline picture, a project to animate a "new TV anime" for Saki is in the works. More details will be announced in later issues of Young Gangan. Season 1 was animated by Gonzo Studio #5 and later by Picture Magic when Gonzo had financial issues. Gonzo Studio #5 is now Studio Go Kumi which did animation production for A-Channel this spring and the Koe de Oshigoto OVAs.



The second announcement, found on the backside, is that "another girls mahjong story" spinoff manga: Saki - Achiga-hen, episode of side-A (Saki - Story of Achiga, episode of side-A) will be serialized starting in the September issue of Monthly Shonen Gangan, on sale 8/12. This spin-off manga is written by Saki author Ritz Kobayashi and illustrated by Bamboo Blade illustrator Aguri Igarashi.


via Hachima Kikou

Image ©Ritz Kobayashi/SQUARE-ENIX

Update: More details added. Fixed place name.

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