Sonic Generations Demo Out for a Limited Time

Join Sega's iconic hedgehog in celebrating his 20th anniversary

Sonic no doubt has a party hat on as I type this, rowdily celebrating 20 years of TV game existence. He's not alone, as Sega is commemorating the event with the release of a Sonic Generations demo on Xbox Live and Playstation Network. It's a limited time offer, though, so be sure to give it a spin.


In case you haven't read or watched anything on Sonic Generations, the upcoming platformer is a mash-up of both modern and classic Sonic the Hedgehog styles, even going so far as to star two very different Sonics. It features 2D and 3D levels, both of which criss-cross one another in unique ways. Here's one of the gameplay trailers:



I know, I know… Sonic hasn't exactly had the best track record of late. I was even burned by Sonic 4 in some ways. Fool me once, twice, whatever, but Sonic Generations looks pretty fun. You can try it out for yourself today on XBL and PSN, but it's going to speed away in 20 days, so get on it sooner rather than later.


Sega also cooked up an iOS app that features the first stage of Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 1, a minigame called "Sonic the Sketchhog," a news feed and an area for weekly wallpaper downloads. Right now it's only available in the Japanese App Store, but hopefully they'll swing it our way soon enough. 


Via Joystiq

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