TYPE-MOON Streams Carnival Phantasm Promotion Videos

Blu-ray release August 14th

TYPE-MOON is now streaming two promotion videos for their upcoming 10th anniversary animation Carnival Phantasm on their official Youtube channel. Carnival Phantasm is an OVA series, animated by Lerche, based on the TAKE MOON anthology manga. The first Blu-ray of Carnival Phantasm containing 4 episodes will be released on August 14th, but will be available at their booth at Comiket 80 prior. The first press limited edition will also include a DVD with identical contents to the Blu-ray.




Character Introduction:



Official Carnival Phantasm Website

via Yaraon!

Image ©TYPE-MOON・武梨えり・一迅社 /ノーツ・ラルケ・エモーション

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