Lady Gaga Cosplays as...Hatsune Miku?

The Queen Monster Dons a Familiar Looking Wig During Concert in Japan

Yesterday on Sat/25, pop diva Lady Gaga performed live at the MTV Video Music Aid Japan concert. She took to the stage to sing her song “The Edge of Glory” sporting a blue-green, twin-tail wig that looks, for all the world, like the same hairstyle belonging to virtual idol Hatsune Miku. The effect was compounded by Lady Gaga’s make-up, in which characteristic large anime-style eyes were drawn on her eyelids.


The performance was one of the highlights of this charity concert to raise money for earthquake and tsunami relief, which also featured AKB48, EXILE, Namie Amuro, and Korean group Girls’ Generation.


It’s unclear as of now if Lady Gaga (who we figure is pretty hip to Japanese pop culture trends) deliberately set out to cosplay as the world-famous VOCALOID character, or if the use of the wig was just a weird coincidence.


The big question now is…what do you guys think?



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