AKB48 Launches Cafe in Singapore

Popular Female Idol Group Opens Cafe in Singapore

Diners in Singapore can enjoy over 70 dishes and drinks at the world's first official AKB48 Cafe. In addition to modern Japanese fusion dishes, customers can enjoy exclusive videos of the group playing from closed-circuit screens. Promises of special performances and the chance to dine with members as they visit the area are also incentives to return. There are three set menus for lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. Future plans include creating "featured personality" dishes made from recipes contributed by members of the group.

AKB48 Cafe

The cafe can seat 60 and is modeled after the AKB48 theater in Japan's Akihabara District. The soft-launch was attended by three members of the group - Maria Abe, Haruka Shimazaki and Miyu Takeuchi. The official launch date for the cafe is currently unannounced.

AKB48 can be seen daily at their theater in Tokyo, Japan. The group was created in December 2005 by professor, producer and lyricist, Yasushi Akimoto. They've appeared in manga, movies and several television and radio programs. There have been hundreds of "graduating" members in AKB48, creating a group of young women that will never out grow their audience.

As of May 2011 there are 18 members on team A, 18 members on team K and 18 members on team B, 23 members on team Trainee with a total of 61.

So far this year, AKB48 has earned over $80M in merchandise sales. This is the highest for any artists this year.

AK48 has a special announcement for their Singapore Audience

Source: Asia One
Picture Source: Asia One

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