Interview with the Creators of Voltron Force

Everything Voltron and a Sneak Peek at This Week's New Episode

The creators of Voltron Force discuss their new series and the popular franchise with In addition to the new series, we cover the original 80s cartoon, the future of the franchise and the current season of the Nick Toons series. Watch a sneak peak about this Thursday's (8:30PM EST) episode at the bottom of our show notes.   

Run Time: 00:39:13
Producer: Sean Russell
Special Guests: Jeremy Corray & Todd Garfield 
Opening Theme: "Original Voltron Theme"
Closing Theme: Voltron Force Closing Theme
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[00:00:00] Introduction to Our Guests

[00:04:12] About Voltron Force

  • Voltron Force is a show for a new generation.
  • Easter egges and nods of original series for fans.

[00:06:25] Voltron Force Introduction

[00:09:08] Differences in Story-Telling

  • Todd wanted to focus on the characters and the theme of unity.
  • Tell fun stories for 2011
  • Tell a bigger story and not just have a Robeast of the week episode
  • Shakes up the formula and addresses some of the fanboy questions. "Why don't they form Voltron from the start or why don't their enemies attack when they are forming".
  • Explains the genesis of the new characters on the series.
  • He-Man and Go Bots are compared to Voltron's appeal in the 80s
  • Extreme Ghostbusters and Scrappy Doo mentioned
  • Pitched a Voltron Panthera Force, which was a totally new team. Decided to stick with original and new faces.
  • Highest rated series premiere ever on Nick Toons
  • Beat the series debut of DBZ Kai and Wolverine and the X-Men
  • Seth Green's Titan Maximum referenced

[00:19:45] Original Series Discussion

[00:29:20] Merchandising for Voltron

[00:31:54] Future for Voltron Force

  • Episode Five (Joyride to Doom) is going to be a game changer for the franchise. 
  • Voltron will unlock new powers.
  • Promised to give you geekasims. 
  • Voltron Force on iTunes
  • Also available on
  • More anime-edged Voltron

Watch a Sneak Peak of Episode Five


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