Now It's Time for Moe Cockroach Girls...Gokicha!

Manga, T-shirt, plastic model, and possibly anime?

Anthropomorphization (gijinka in Japanese) has been a strong trend in the Japanese manga/anime community. You can easily think of the popular title such as "Hetalia: Axis Powers". Now, it seems anything can be anthropomorphized in Japan.


"Gokicha/Cockroach Girls" is a doujinshi manga about anthropomorphized cockroaches created by Rui Tamachi. The first Gokicha doujinshi was released at Comic Market 77 in December 2009. The title character Gokicha is a female cockroach who came to Hokkaido, the northern Japanese island from Tokyo to find human friends.



Aoshima Bunka Kyozai, a Japanese plastic model company, has announced they will release a model kit featuring the Gokicha characters on late-July. The first limited edition of the kit includes a new manga by the original creator Rui Tamachi. The retail price is 2,620 yen (roughly US$32.44).
, a Japanese doujin-goods circle, released a Gokicha T-shirt in October 2010. The retail price was 2,000 yen (US$24.76).





In January 2011, some Japanese media reported that an anime adaption for mobile phones was planned. But there has been no official announcement about the plan so far. The reported voice actresses were Mamiko Noto (Gokicha) and Rie Kugimiya (Chaba).



Source: The Real Live Web

© Rui Tamachi

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