Meet Level-5's 3DS Hostess Club Game, Cinderellife

"Girls' RPG" allows players to hit it big in "Neo-Ginza"

Kyaba Joppi—the original mobile game on which Level-5's upcoming 3DS hostess club title is based—is one of the most popular games on Level-5's mobile service ROID, according to CEO Akihiro Hino. Thus comes the 3DS expansion, now officially titled Girls' RPG: Cinderellife.


The premise behind this "Girls' RPG" puts the player in the shoes of a country girl trying to make it big in "Neo-Ginza." It's there that her career at hostess club The Castle begins. Cinderellife will task players with talking to guests and getting them to order expensive items from The Castle's menu, and your country-girl-in-the-big-city will level up as a result of her performance.




Some of the guests in Kyaba Joppi included famous anime characters, but it's unclear whether or not this feature will be implemented in Cinderellife. Besides, players will be plenty busy catering to the needs of powerful politicians and famous singers. 


Time can also be spent redoing the character's makeup and outfit and applying items—of which there are over 1000—to the interior of her room. The Professor Layton developer has slated Girls' RPG: Cinderellife for release in Japan by the end of the year. A North American release is understandably doubtful.


Source [1up via Joystiq]


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