VIDEO: Laura Shigihara's Game Music Piano Improv

Plants vs. Zombies composer takes on NES music and more

Here's something fun to jam along with today. Laura Shigihara, composer of the Plants vs. Zombies soundtrack, has been uploading piano improvisations based on classic game music. Her latest is based on Charge Man's stage from Mega Man V on NES, but there's plenty more where that came from below.



Secret of Mana Medley



Mega Man IV - Dust Man



Chrono Trigger - To Far Away Times



Suikoden - Theme of Sadness



Yoshi's Island - Ending Theme



More—including original tunes and some Joe Hisaishi covers from Miyazaki films like Laputaat Laura Shigihara's YouTube channel.


Laura Shigihara's Bandcamp page


Via Nobuooo

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