Contest Offers Chance to Be IN Shonen Jump

US Shonen Jump wants your photos, art and stories

Who doesn't like having their creations printed in an official publication, especially when said publication is Viz's Shonen Jump? Well, here's your chance, as SJ's latest contest is asking for your photos, art, stories and more.


The categories span Photos, Words and Art, with sub-categories nestled within each. Photos can involve things like you sporting Shonen Jump gear, SJ-related cosplay, or even showing off your SJ-related swag collection. 


"Words" can be delivered via Haiku, or even an SJ Rap. Let me just say, I highly encourage everyone to submit a rap. Do it! Finally, there's SJ Fan Art. This one should be pretty self-explanatory. Draw something involving Shonen Jump magazine, or pretty much anything you want so long as it has SJ or SJ manga in it. 


The deadline for submissions is July 15, 2011. All other relevant contest-related details can be found at the Shonen Jump Superfan Celebration page. Anyone plan on tapping their creativity and landing in the pages of Shonen Jump?


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