Moyoco Anno Returns to Manga

Josei Great Contributes to One Shot 20th Anniversary Project

Moyoco Anno hasn't been creating much manga lately, but, she has certainly made her mark with acerbically funny series like Happy Mania  (published in North America by Tokyopop), Flowers & Bees (published in North America by Viz, featuring a character scarily like her husband, Evangelion creator Hideaki Anno), and Sugar Sugar Rune (published in North America by Del Rey).  There's also highly regarded, but unavailable in North America geisha manga Sakuran and career woman series Hataraki Man.  She's written gag manga about her marriage, and even illustrated in the Japanese novelization of Kevin Smith's Chasing Amy


Now, she's back for a 20-year themed one-shot contribution to josei anthology Feel Young'20th anniversary project, recently published in this year's Feel Young No. 8. 



Seinen writer Katsura Murakami also contributed a one-shot with  "His Birthday."


The issue also features a Feel Young chronology and a preview DVD of the live action and animated adaptations of previously serialized Usagi Drop. (The Usagi Drop anime is streaming on Crunchyroll).



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