Berserk Movie Named and Scheduled

The Golden Age is Coming

A new site and twitter account have begun teasing a July 15 launch for the promotional effort for the Studio 4°C (TekkenKinkreet, MindGame, AniMatrix, the new Thundercats) adaptation of Kentarō Miura horror/action/drama Berserk


Veteran animator, and character design for Giant Robo, the Lunar RPGs and a certain Miura passion called [email protected]Toshiyuki Kubooka will direct the Berserk Golden Age Arc I: Egg of the Supreme Ruler animated feature, scheduled to hit Japan in January 2012.  Also via the new issue of the Young Animal manga anthology, Good Smile Company & Max  have a slate of Berserk figures in the works to coincide with movie.


"Golden Age" refers to 10 volume manga arc that tracks raging swordsman Guts from his discovery as new born under the hanged body of his mother, through his time with the mercenary band know as the Hawks.  During the time, dark, supernatural elements begin to influence his world. 


The Berserk manga is released in North America by Dark Horse, while Media Blasters has released the 1997 TV series.


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