Design the American Hatsune Miku!

J-Pop Summit Contest Now Accepting Your Art Submissions


Yesterday, we reported on the 3rd annual J-POP SUMMIT festival, set to hit San Francisco’s Japantown on August 27–28 in a two day whirlwind of Japanese fashion, film and anime premieres. Now, as part of the fun, Japantown is teaming up with Crypton Future Media to present a pair of unique Vocaloid-themed collaboration contests where fans like YOU get to design the “Hatsune Miku US Version” for a good cause.


Crypton’s PIAPRO website, where users around the world can share Vocaloid-themed art, music, and lyrics, is now accepting submissions for a street banner design with the theme of “Hope for Japan’s Recovery” to help aid in earthquake relief efforts. The best entrant – containing at least one or more Vocaloid character such as Hatsune Miku, Rin Kagamine, Len Kagamine, Luka Megurine, MEIKO or KAITO –  will be displayed on the main street thoroughfare during the J-POP SUMMIT.


PIAPRO is also soliciting new character design submissions for a “Hatsune Miku US Version” wherein “Miku’s fashion, hairstyle, and background are the designer’s choice”.


The prize for both contests is a roundtrip ticket to San Francisco from anywhere in the US (there’s also a “special prize” if the winner already lives in SF). For full content rules, entry info, and requirements, check out the PIAPRO x SF Japantown Collaboration Projects web page.


The deadline for art submissions is July 19th, so break out your pencils and crayons! You can even get a sneak peak at what the competition is up to as PIAPRO is now posting submissions for the street banner and the Miku US Version as they come in. Here are some of our favorites so far!


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