An Early Look at Yoshiki, Stan Lee and Todd McFarlane's Blood Red Dragon

Designs for “The Bono of Japan's" Super Hero Alter Ego

The Los Angeles Times' Hero Complex blog spoke to Spawn creator Todd McFarlane about the collaboration with Stan Lee and X-Japan's Yoshiki on Blood Red Dragon.  Ahead of the comic's San Diego Comic Con debut, here are some thoughts and designs.


From Rebecca Keegan's interview with Todd McFarlane.


RK: What went into the design of a character based around Yoshiki?

TM: Yoshiki kind of flaunts his androgynousness. He was quick to point out that he didn’t want to be muscle-bound. You can tell he’s not American because then he would want to look like a bodybuilder. He wanted to make sure that when he was not in costume he still looked wiry. When he turns into the dragon character, which is his alter ego, he didn’t want it to be like the Hulk. He wanted to be lean and mean.


RK: Why did Yoshiki want his own comic book?

TM: Comic books are a big deal in Japan and they’re read by adults too. We have a stereotype of comic books in this country. We might giggle if Bono wanted a comic. In Japan, reading a comic book on the subway to work is not frowned upon or thought of that you have arrested development. Yoshiki’s crowd is used to manga. Comic book creators there, they’re [Derek] Jeter. We live in a little bit more obscurity here.

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